A new director in commercial arena has taken birth from this ‘Seizer’ – he has mixed action sentiment and good music giving back seat to love in his first film. That is Vinay Krishna. Four long years on this project Druthi Creations producer Trivikrama Sapalya had seen the value of the commercial cinema. For the action and sentiment lovers plus suspense as main ingredients the film ‘Seizer’ much b...[Read More]

The title for the film, which is a proverb in the Kannada language, was suggested by Anant Nag, who was cast to play the lead role in the film. The director Narendra Babu revealed that a title Kallu Sakkare Koliro was titled before Nag recommended Hottegagi Genu Battegagi after reading the film's script. Babu added that the difference in ideas between two generations was set as the theme of the fi...[Read More]

As a geologist, Yuvaraja comes to Simhadri. He studies the situations slowly. He gets the support of a government official played by Sanjana Galrani. The progressive work of Yuvaraja worries Rudre Gowda. He wants to put an end to Yuvaraja ideals. How Yuvaraja comes out from the clutches of Rudre Gowda is the climax chilling action portion in the film.